We are a community-based agency that seeks to enhance the quality of life for everyone in Broward County by directly serving the interests of young adults from the dependency system at a particularly challenging and vulnerable time. We encourage everyone who is similarly committed to join us in our efforts and work to create a more equitable, rewarding and opportunity-filled environment for us all.


Now is a great time to show your support—Your donation will benefit the overall operating expense of the FLITE Center and will make a difference for these young people at a critical time in their lives.

100% of your generous donation will provide:

  • $100: Provides daily breakfast and snacks to youth attending FLITE's College Boost GED program for one week

  • $250: Provides necessary household supplies to 5 youth moving into their first apartment

  • $500: Provides assistance to one youth exiting foster care move into their apartment

  • $1,000: Provides support services and linkage to gainful employment to 5 foster youth

  • $2,500: Provides 50 foster youth throughout the county with employment soft-skills workshops

  • $5,000: Sponsors our College Boost GED program for 10 foster youth